3 ways to take CBD products that can improve your quality of life

In the last ten years, CBD products have seen increasing usage as the awareness of its potential benefits have spread. There is ever growing evidence that this therapeutic cannabinoid carries real health benefits for a range of conditions including epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, arthritis, Parkinson’s and cancer.

How does taking CBD work?

The conditions listed above have one thing in common: each is triggered when the endocannabinoid system (ECS) fails to regulate some of the system’s normal functions. Named clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CECD), it could be the cause of various conditions that are not very well understood and as a result are difficult to treat.

CBD functions by serving to mildly suppress the ECS which causes it to produce more receptors and more endocannabinoids in order to activate these new receptors. Consuming a CBD product has been seen in many cases to help a patient better regulate and balance their functions controlled by their ECS.

What are the best ways to take CBD?

1. Sublingual Sprays 

These are concentrated cannabis tinctures which a person takes by spraying under their tongue, where capillaries give a direct way for the cannabis to get into your bloodstream. Consuming CBD oil this way can make the patient feel its effects nearly instantly.

Also there is an interesting form of CBD oil which contains a varying amount of CBD to THC ratios. This way a patient can choose whether to go for oil which has psycho-active ingredients or stick to just the calming effects of CBD. At the time of writing this is illegal in the UK due to ban on psycho-active substances.

2. Bake into Edibles

Many people prefer the simplicity of oral consumption and some will simply put the CBD oil into pill capsules to administer much in the same way as medication. There are also methods for mixing into food or smoothies, but CBD oil can also be baked into edibles. 

With CBD edibles, a high variance in CBD to THC ratios can exist and even though this may be labelled it is a good idea to start with a small amount and wait up to an hour to see how the effects feel.

3. Vaporise for Instant Effect

Vaporising is not just a cleaner way than smoking, but it makes the patient feel effects from CBD more quickly than some other methods. A wide range of CBD vaporisers are on the market but will usually consist of roughly the same thing: a single battery unit and a refillable cartridge containing CBD oil. 

Many pocket options are out there for those in need of a portable vape, though some more serious models can be costly and another option is a disposable vape pen for CBD.