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5 must-have CBD products

CBD products are fast becoming popular supplements and even medicinal products for people all over the world, and the market is starting to take off at an exponential rate. There is much innovation and rapid growth occurring, and even the legal setbacks and grey areas aren’t slowing the rise. People believe CBD can make their lives better, and here are five CBD products you simply must have!

1. CBD+ Vaporiser

With its stunning graphic design, this product takes pride of place on the quintessential millennial’s bookshelf alongside their vinyl collection and vintage trainers. It is a beautiful, disposable CBD vaporiser filled with pure CBD oil along with other essentials that give you an enriching formulation. CBD is thought to have benefits for anxiety, arthritis and more besides, and this vaporiser is one of the best options for consumption you’ll find anywhere. It is stylish and extremely effective.

2. Extra-strength relieving spray

Impressively innovative, this body spray is among the coolest and most potent products you’ll find. It’s a body-spray that acts quickly as a topical for sore muscles, aching joints, skin inflammation or any other problems your body is giving you. It consists of totally organic essential oils alongside CBD and is designed to reduce pain and swelling. And it comes in a small bottle that you can easily carry with you.

3. Full-spectrum CBD oil

If you want to keep things simple, with the finest ingredients, this CBD oil is the answer. It’s an all-natural product made from certified organic, non-GMO plants. It is an environmentally ethical option and a high-grade product, with around 240mg in just 5ml of the product.

4. CBD oil tincture with turmeric

There are various tincture-style formulations on the market, claiming the CBD content to be a cure-all for your aches and pains, but this one is genuine. The tincture is extracted from hemp and made more potent through its combination with turmeric, and you’ll only need a few drops to experience the effects. If you want to keep form factor low, this is the option for you.

5. CBD capsules

This is a great option for consuming CBD without vaping it or rubbing it into your skin. They are designed to treat stress and anxiety, and may help you lower your stress levels and feel able to live more ‘in the moment’. Each capsule is 15mg, and may work for you as a literal ‘chill pill’.

Hopefully, this list will give you a little inspiration about where to start with CBD or what you can add to your existing collection. Results from CBD products differ from one person to the next, but we assure you that these products offer the best chance for the largest number of people to experience the beneficial effects that CBD oil is believed to produce. Wake up to the growing phenomenon that is CBD, and experience some of the best products on the market for yourself.