5 Ways of Using CBD to Strengthen Your Immune System During the Coronavirus Epidemic

By now, everyone knows that the whole world is going through a major health crisis caused by the pandemic of coronavirus. It all began last December in China, but most of us in the occidental world wasn’t so much concerned by it until recent times. To be more precise, we began to be a bit alarmed only last month when the news of the grim statistics started to arrive from Italy, and later when the World Health Organization practically instructed the world leaders to put entire countries on lockdowns. 

With this, people started to be more concerned about the virus and the disease it causes. They began to buy for supplies of food, medicines, and medical equipment such as surgical gloves and masks. Among other necessities in this situation, there are also supplements that can boost the immune system, and one of them is CBD oil.

As you know, cannabidiol or CBD is a compound found in cannabis Sativa.  It was first extracted in the 1940s but became popular only in the 90s. As of 2018, the production of hemp, which is a strain of cannabis that doesn’t contain THC, became legal, and now more and more people use it for different medical reasons. There are many known CBD benefits, and boosting the immune system is one of them.

Let’s start by looking a bit more at what is a coronavirus. Wikipedia states that the type of viruses we call coronaviruses have been on the Earth for a long time, but they circulate mainly between animals. However, sometimes they find another host – a human. This is called a spillover effect. Now, there is nothing unusual about it in general except in some cases like we had this time they are super contagious, according to the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization, as we can see. Since in this particular case, this is a novel, i.e., a new virus none of us has immune to, there is no known coronavirus treatment nor the vaccine, and because of this, we have a problem that a lot of people get infected. However, according to Johns Hopkins Medical Center and other research institutions, the virus per se is not dangerous for more than 80% of people. Around 15% of people can become seriously ill, and about 5% could lose the battle with the disease and die.

Besides all the measures prescribed by the WHO to prevent the infection, such as social distancing and hand washing, and sanitizing the house, it is also important to boost our immune system, and CBD oil can greatly help there. Let’s see what is the best CBD oil for COPD and other effects of CBD in the body.   

Immune System

In short, the immune system consists of cells, tissues, and organs that work to defend us from foreign bodies such as viruses and bacteria that attack and cause infections.

How exactly CBD works, we still don’t know entirely, but it is clear CBD oil uses have an impact on our immune system.

Improves Mood

What we are living through right now is a public health emergency, and situations like this affect our mood on many levels. Some people are afraid of their health, some for their parents. Others are worried about the loss of jobs, their friends, and so on. This results in increased anxiety, depression that can severely damage the immune system. Fortunately,  one of the CBD benefits is to ease the symptoms of these conditions.

Pain and Discomfort

You might wonder how this is related, but the thing is that because all parts of our body are connected when one is suffering, the whole system is suffering as well. It is good when you know how to take CBD oil for pain relief because it is quite effective. Since many people cannot move or do sports as we are living in the quarantine, a lot of people who have back or similar problems will experience a lot of difficulties. 

Anti Inflammation

Many of you already know what CBD oil good for is. One of the main CBD benefits is its anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it perfect for dealing with infections, but this fact doesn’t mean it is anti-viral.  What it means is that you can get infected with the virus and get sick, but looking at the way how does CBD oil works, we can conclude it will alleviate the symptoms greatly.

Gut Health

As it is a new virus, we cannot say with certainty what helps in fighting coronavirus. However, there is some evidence that shows that better balance in the gut helps to fight off the infection.

These are strange times, and we have to take all the precaution measures to protect ourselves and our loved ones. On that note, we also need to find ways to boost our immune system the best way we can, and there are some indications that CBD can play a role in that. However, as both CBD and coronavirus are relatively new, we must not rely only on CBD benefits to protect ourselves.

Rae Hudson is a writer and blogger living in  San Francisco, and she has been writing about health-related topics for our website for a year. She is exploring alternative medicine and its effects on different health conditions. The topic of social medicine is her field. In her free time, Rae likes to walk with her dog along the beach.