A Collective Call for Third Party CBD Testing

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles and essays, at CBDecoded, part of our modus operandi is that we fully support and partake in independent third party testing of CBD products in the United Kingdom and any reach we have in Europe and the USA.

As with any growing market, there some new concerns about CBD. As we operate in a fully transparent manner, we wanted to bring the story to you, from our perspective, in order to avoid the scaremongering that comes from some conservative news outlets!

To clarify for any new readers joining us, Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is the non-psychoactive component in marijuana, which means it cannot get you “high”. There is also a death toll of zero associated directly with the cannabis plant, which is always a statistic to put us at ease when discussing the healing benefits of the plant, and the full spectrum of the plant is legal medically and recreationally in countless states across America and growingly in Europe.

The reason we have built this platform is to inform and educate. With that said, CBD is now used in a huge range of products, but there are parties that do not know enough about the plant (particularly traditional pharma) and they are calling for tighter regulations – a space they can also profit from.

This week, ITV News uncovered evidence that some customers are not getting what they paid for. This does not mean there is a danger associated with the plant, but it means that there is a trend where the product does not always match the label.

Over three million people in the UK have tried CBD, which we now know according to the World Health Organisation has bee proven to treat conditions such as chronic pain, PTSD and epilepsy. As with any growing industry, regulations are struggling to keep up.

ITV’s discovery shows that when the Cannabis Trades Association tested 2,000 online products, about 1,000 contained no CBD or less than stated.

Jas Nottay, of the association said: “A lot of consumers will be quite angry, I would imagine, they’re spending pretty good money on these products and to hear that it’s not what they’re buying I imagine is not going to be a good feeling at all.”

The trade is now working on a quality mark for products that pass independent tests which we fully endorse at CBDecoded. According to ITV, some pharmacists are also calling for officials to step in. 

Jasmine Shah, National Pharmacy Association, said: “We would welcome some clear, authoritative guidance so that health care practitioners, consumers, manufacturers can all make informed choices.”

At CBDecoded, we offer brands that we partner with the opportunity to third party test via our editorial autonomy and third party testing partners to ensure an honest and transparent future for the growth of cannabis in the UK as well as consumer protection.