Are homemade CBD products taking over?

As part of our duty to bring you the latest intel on CBD and the CBD industry, we wanted to share with you some research on the most Googled CBD questions of 2019. Hemp products manufacturer have used in order to sift through the available information online for the most Googled CBD questions.

The research shows that the UK public still isn’t sure about the effects, possible uses, or even the legal status of the substance – just as well we have CBDecoded to provide all of the answers!

In summary, according to the research:

  • Brits are still confused about CBD legality with 2,180 searching Google for answers every month
  • Questions like “does CBD get you high?” and “does CBD oil get you high?”  total about 980 searches per month – we can vouch for this too!
  • What is CBD?” is the single most asked question on Google UK with 2,900 searched per month
  • The popularity of questions such as “how to make CBD isolate crystals?” (50 searches/month) or “how to use CBD isolate?” (20 searches/month) could mean that a shift is already taking place in the UK as Brits aim to make their own CBD products rather than relying on retailers
  • 100 British vacation goers look up whether or not CBD is legal in Spain; Georgia comes in second with 80 queries per month

With these questions being posed, it’s important to ask whether homemade CBD products becoming a growing trend in the UK?

The queries regarding CBD isolation have been quite popular on Google UK, with approximately 200 people posing a related question during each month of the past year. One of our most popular posts on CBDecoded is “How is CBD oil manufactured?”, lending itself to consumers researching how they can make products from home as opposed to relying on retailers.

The new research also shows that some are looking to take matters further into their own hands and looking up “how to grow high CBD cannabis?” (30 searches/month) and “how do you extract CBD from cannabis?” (10 searches/month) or “how to isolate CBD from cannabis?“(10 searches/month).

We’ll share more information and tips on how you can make your own CBD products soon! In the meantime, here’s a map of where CBD is legal in Europe.

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