Can CBD enhance your sex life?

We’re already at a stage where there are numerous performance enhancing and pleasure enhancing CBD products hitting the market… but we wanted to dig a little bit deeper to understand the value that CBD can really lend itself to our sex lives.

CBD helps with stress, anxiety and pain outside of the bedroom, so it makes sense that the plant can have a benefit inside the bedroom too. Sex specific products include:

  • personal lubricants
  • massage lotions
  • oils and oral sprays
  • edibles

“CBD lube can lead to increased sensitivity for some, and most experience relaxation which creates more willingness to receive pleasurable touch which in turn may lead to better and stronger orgasms,” says Tammy Nelson, PhD, a board certified sexologist and the author of Getting the Sex You Want.

Additionally, “using CBD lube can help with vaginal pain, with penetration, and can decrease and even prevent irritation.” CBD can help reduce tension in the pelvic floor so it can decrease pain with penetration and inflammation,” says Cyo Nystrom, CEO and co-founder of Quim

Overall lubricants can enhance foreplay and the full sexual experience in a safe and holistic way.

Using CBD massage lotions can help you relax pre and post coital, but also allows the healing benefits of the plant to enter via the thousands of endocannabinoid receptors that we have on our skin to create a relaxed and soothing sensation. When applied topically, the CBD dilates our blood vessels, allowing fresh oxygenated blood to flow more easily thereby increasing arousal and stimulation.

As for oils, edibles and oral sprays, as the non-psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant, CBD can alleviate inhibition during sex and enhance sensations. Currently, a lot of people use alcohol to unwind for sex, so CBD can provide a similar vibe without the hangover and memory loss. Also due to the fact that cannabis helps with insomnia, using CBD can actually improve post-sex sleep too. Bonus!

As with all of our advice on CBD consumption, there is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to using CBD for sex or any other activity. CBD affects people differently depending on factors like their sex and body mass index, so test it out and work out what dosage suits you, if at all – and enjoy the experience. From our research, it definitely feels like a good fit!