Can CBD help with depression?

As our global population addresses mental health in a much more honest and transparent way, research has never been stronger and solutions from meditation to plant medicine have come to the forefront. Depression is a mental disorder that affects around 264 million people around the world.

There is no singular answer to solving depression, but there is a constant drive to develop new and improved treatments and now, according to a study which was actually carried out in 2018 (but only just published), cannabidiol may be another option to explore.

If you’ve already explored our platform, you’ll find that CBD has countless benefits as listed by the World Health Organisation, plus anecdotal evidence from the public that can really not be argued with!

The initial research from 2014 indicated that CBD appeared to have a positive interaction with serotonin receptors in the brain, improving the subjects’ emotional state and overall happiness.

The more recent study published by Frontiers in Immunology, conducted in 2018, revealed that cannabidiol has a clear anti-stress effect on subjects, with the compound functioning as a fast-acting antidepressant even after short-term use.

In summary, what we predicted – CBD can help with yet another non-specific issue and generate more balance – after all, why do we have countless endocannabinoid receptors on our skin and inside our mouths!