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Can CBD help with Gaming?

It’s safe to say that most of us have a game console in our homes. And if you’re a habitual player, adding CBD to your routine can help improve your playing and provide essential help when it is needed most.

So, how can CBD help improve your playing and what kind of situations can it help to produce the best possible outcome?

How can CBD help with your gaming?

Twitch gaming: Whether it’s Call of Duty, Overwatch, or any number of competitive shooting games; speed, accuracy and performance are essential. While it’s easy to line up a headshot from across the map with enough practice, if you’re under extreme pressure or being shouted at by your team, it’s a different story altogether. Taking CBD can help naturally lower your heart rate and increase the dopamine levels in your brain, ‘rewarding’ your body for relaxing. This can help slow your breathing, relax your muscles and make even the closest clutch victory attainable in the most challenging of circumstances. 

Repetitive Strain Injury: When it comes to interaction heavy games like StarCraft, one of the biggest problems can not only be your reaction times but the toll that is put upon your body. Top-ranked players are required to be capable of what are known as Actions Per Minute (APM), meaning a click, button press, or decision as you micro-manage your team – with top players approaching numbers as high as 400 APM. This can cause incredible stress to your body and repeated training can quickly result in inflammation or risk of RSI. While it is always important to play safely and responsibly, taking CBD can help reduce inflammation and increase your joint mobility when playing in the most intensive games. Using CBD as a balm can be applied to your hands and provide long-lasting benefit and help your career not only last longer but stay successful. 

Destressing before a match: Whether you’re playing with friends, against random opponents online, or sitting down to play in person – dealing with the stress of a ranked challenge can seem almost overwhelming. Taking CBD before you play can activate your body’s CB1 receptors which release serotonin in your body, a naturally occurring chemical that produces calm relaxed happy behaviour. If you choose to take it as an oil or a vape, this can let you relax quickly and potentially enjoy the kind of calm and cool to pull off moves like Daigo’s iconic last-minute comeback in challenging fighting games, shooters, or whatever you’ve dedicated yourself to mastering.