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Can CBD improve athletic performance?

Athletes looking to improve their overall performance and speed up recovery after hard workouts may want to consider one of the world’s hottest new supplements: cannabidiol (CBD).

Hailed as a promising new treatment for a range of disorders from Parkinson’s disease to anxiety, CBD may also represent an effective and natural supplement for sportspeople hoping to give themselves a competitive edge in the tough world of athletics. 

Indeed, the potential benefits of CBD are extensive and include pain relief, mood improvement, inflammation reduction, stress reduction, and blood flow enhancement. These benefits can help athletes in a variety of ways, including:

1. CBD may speed up recovery times

Every time someone works out, the physical exertion can cause oxidative damage and put stress on numerous parts of the body. For hardworking athletes, too much of this kind of damage can hamper performance and slow down recovery times. This, by extension, can lead to physical and mental fatigue and prevent them from working out as often as they would like.

According to a recent study, CBD may be effective in tackling oxidative damage, so may be able to prevent burnout and improve the frequency and quality of an athlete’s workout sessions. Bolstering your workout regime in this way may help to improve your performance in the long run. 

2. CBD could work as a natural painkiller

Most of the pain experienced by athletes is caused by inflammation of the muscles. This is often treated by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen that can be bought over the counter. Whilst taking NSAIDs every now and then is generally considered safe, using them on a long-term basis poses a range of risks such as strokes, kidney damage, heart attacks and gastrointestinal bleeding.

This is where CBD comes in. Whilst there is no scientific consensus around the use of the compound as a pain reliever just yet, research is looking promising. This recent study, for example, posits that CBD may be a safer alternative to traditional painkillers. 

Treating your pain in this way may help you to push yourself harder whilst training, potentially improving future performance.

3. CBD could improve sleep

Today’s modern world is full of distractions that make achieving a full eight hours of sleep very difficult. For athletes, poor sleep could spell bad news as decent rest is a vital part of the body’s healing process after tough workouts. 

CBD may be able to help combat this problem. Indeed, sleep issues that stem from problems such as pain or anxiety may be effectively treated by CBD, so the compound could help athletes struggling to get a full night’s rest. 

A rested body could be hugely beneficial to athletic performance in both the short and long term.

4. CBD could promote weight loss

According to new research, CBD may encourage weight loss by browning the body’s fat cells. This may be beneficial for athletes that struggle to maintain a constant weight, improving athletic ability and stamina.