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Can CBD oil be used for dogs anxiety?

The many uses and benefits of CBD products are being fully researched across the globe, though they already have a growing number of enthusiastic fans, including many dog owners and vets!

One of the reasons CBD is proving invaluable to canine companions, is that it’s an easy and quick way to provide them with relatively harmless relief, for a number of health issues including pain and inflammation. Some holistic vets recommend CBD for dogs who have epilepsy, or other seizure-inducing conditions.

One of the most common uses of CBD for dogs though is to address behavioural and wellbeing issues, rather than physical health problems. There is growing evidence that (CBD) is a kind and effective way to treat dogs who suffer from anxiety.

How CBD oil works for anxious dogs

The CBD used for human and animal fitness, rest and health purposes is a substance extracted from the cannabis plant. Our highly respected suppliers of CBD then process it to ensure its purity and strength. The active ingredients are suspended in a carrier oil or enclosed in capsules.

CBD in general works by interacting with the Endocannabinoid System in both humans and pets. This part of the central nervous system includes “receptors” that transmit electrical messages for a wide range of purposes. When CBD is consumed, it appears to give the Endocannabinoid System a boost, helping it to make more of its own natural Cannabidiol.

The end result is a wide range of potentially positive benefits, including balancing out your ability to feel reinvigorated, refreshed and ready to face your day!

CBD has also been found to make people and pets feel more relaxed. When your dog is in a state of stress, this can be a great help.

Will CBD oil make dogs “high”?

The main reason some dog owners hesitate to give CBD oil to dogs with anxiety is that they worry about the side effects.

The CBD products we sell are chemically different from the cannabis used in recreational drugs. The carefully selected plants used, and the manufacturing methods, ensure that our CBD has no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive ingredient that could put your pet at risk.

What sort of dog anxiety would it treat?

Many holistic vets recommend CBD for a range of conditions, including when your dog is generally of a nervous disposition.

However, CBD can be a valuable aid when your dog is likely to become distressed, such as during firework season, when moving home or on journeys.

There are many anxiety triggers for dogs. The symptoms are also diverse, from howling loudly to sitting immobile in the corner. They could urinate prolifically, or pant loudly and for prolonged periods.

No one knows your dog better than you! If there’s any sign of anxiety in your canine companion, using a few drops of CBD for dogs could make them more relaxed, which in turn will make you feel better!