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Can CBD oil help prevent strokes?

New therapeutic benefits of using CBD emerge regularly.

This is because medical scientists the world over are carrying out clinical trials to verify initial highly promising results, including how CBD can be used to regulate blood flow, and prevent strokes.

There can be very few other natural products on the planet with as many exciting potential uses!

CBD is already gaining a firm footing in mainstream medicine – forming the basis of important medicines prescribed by the NHS to tackle complex health issues.

CBD, the heart and circulatory system

One of the many medical topics being explored is the impact CBD has on the heart, and way it pumps blood around the body. Which is why one of the most commonly asked questions is, can CBD oil help to prevent strokes?

As mentioned, research is well underway on this to explore CBD’s ability to prevent chronic illnesses or promote healing and recovery.

However, what is known to date?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound, carefully extracted from certain species of plants in the cannabis or hemp family.

When ingested, it interacts with certain receptors (message carriers) in the human nervous system.

From this, certain positive benefits can arise. This includes the potential for CBD to restore the human body’s own natural balance of similar chemical compounds. Interacting with these receptors could also manage pain, particularly discomfort associated with inflammation of some sort.

This balancing and anti-inflammatory ability is why CBD-based products are prescribed for certain neurological (brain-related) conditions, such as severe epilepsy. 

It stands to reason then, that CBD could well also help the heart muscle, by restoring balance and managing inflammation.

Important medical research findings for CBD

To put it in the words of one medical research paper: “CBD exerts positive pharmacological effects in ischemic stroke and other chronic diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.”

This is partly as the active ingredients in CBD based products have a “neuroprotective” effect. This means they have the potential to protect nerve cells against damage, degeneration, or misfunctioning.

Time will tell, just how far that can go in preventing strokes!

Is there a downside to CBD?

Could using CBD to prevent strokes harm you? Not according to the highly respected World Health Organisation, which says: “To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

So, adding CBD oil to your morning routine – by slipping it into your coffee or a smoothie – won’t do you harm. However, it could provide healing and protection benefits to prevent the terrible impact of a stroke.

It’s important to keep something crucial in mind though. CBD’s promise to provide so many incredible health and wellbeing benefits is based on a pure and carefully produced version!

If you buy CBD from sources where its quality and strength are dubious, you may not have the full advantage and could even experience unpleasant side effects.