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Can CBD oil help with eye problems?

The use of CBD oil for a wide range of ailments, conditions or medical purposes is now more widespread than ever. As scientists perform more in-depth research into this uniquely active chemical extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD has proven itself to be a viable choice for use as an anti-inflammatory and in pain management, in many parts of the body.

When it comes to our eyes, it’s more important to be delicate when it comes to the type of chemicals we utilise. As one of the most sensitive parts of the body, treating ocular diseases or issues can be a challenge with traditional medicines. But can CBD be the solution to that issue, and can CBD oil in particular help with eye problems?

According to an experiment by Crawford and Merritt in 1979, smoking tetrahydrocannabinol, which is abundant in THC as well as containing CBD, leads to an improvement in intraocular eye pressure for those suffering from glaucoma. This could potentially suggest that CBD could be an effective treatment for this symptom of the disease.

Other ocular conditions, such as neurodegenerative diseases, may also be alleviated through the use of CBD. In 2014, research suggested that the use of medicines with a cannabis basis could be influential when it comes to slowing down degenerative blindness as a result of this condition. Based on this research, and other research since, there seems to be a link between the consumption of cannabinoid treatments and a slower speed of degeneration. This could imply that CBD applied to the eyes as a targeted therapy could prove to be effective.

CBD has well-known anti-inflammatory properties and is used in various places around the body as a topical solution to provide relief from pain and to promote healing, depending on the condition the patient is suffering from. Our internal endocannabinoid system affects every organ of the body, which suggests that CBD can provide positive pain management and anti-inflammatory bodies to the eyes as a result.

Outside of traditional ocular issues, it’s also been suggested that CBD can have a positive influence on night vision too. However, almost every study on the subject of eye disease and cannabinoids utilises a more all-around approach to dosage, rather than CBD application directly to the eye. This is, in part, because CBD oil cannot currently easily permeate the eye. 

Though eye drops with cannabis content are being worked on, studies have shown that consumption of CBD through other means can be just as effective when it comes to eye health; making the direct application not necessary.