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Can you use CBD oil on your skin?

One of the major new products many have heard about around alternative medicine is CBD oil. This oil is made from the non-intoxicating part of marijuana plants and is legal in many countries. As it is produced from the flowers or buds of the plant, the active THC compound is not present – making it legal to use in many places. Many users have reported CBD oil possibly helping with a range of conditions from anxiety to sleep disorders. One area it could also help in, according to many users, is common skin conditions: but is it safe to use this oil on your skin? 

CBD oil for topical use on skin

The simple answer for most people is that CBD oil is safe to apply topically to skin and could help with certain skin problems. Research in the past has shown this to be the case and that CBD oil-based lotions or ointments can give relief to sufferers. The key thing to remember though is to check with your family doctor before starting to use any product with CBD oil in.

This will make sure that they are happy it will be safe for you to use, based on other pre-existing conditions you may have or current medication you are taking. You should also just apply a little to begin with and then wait to make sure you don’t react adversely to the product. In defence of CBD oil, this would be true for any other sort of alternative medicine you were thinking of using.

Common skin conditions CBD oil could help with

So, what are the most common skin problems that this oil could help with? Past research has shown that the below can react well to it in many cases:

• eczema
• issues with psoriasis
• rashes
• contact dermatitis issues
• dealing with acne

For most people, it is perfectly safe to apply products with CBD oil on to the affected areas to help. This would usually be done topically by simply applying the lotion or salve directly on to the affected area. Over time, the ingredients within CBD oil can help calm and soothe the condition. This is done by helping the endocannabinoid system to function properly and regulate the immune response within our bodies. Improper immune response can often be the cause of skin conditions, which is where CBD oil could help.

CBD oil could be the answer for many

For many people who suffer from skin issues such as acne or eczema, CBD oil could be worth considering. This is especially true if you have tried to treat it with conventional medicine in the past. If you are thinking of doing so but are unsure about applying it to your skin, do not worry – it is perfectly safe for the majority of people. As above, just make sure you test a little first and see your doctor to be sure.