CBD and The Divine Feminine

As we edge towards another Friday 13th this very December, we are reminded of the history of why this infamous date has been blacklisted and treated as “unlucky” for many centuries. It’s important to decode and understand why this is the case, and also the relationship between this suppression and the suppression of the Divine Feminine within and beyond the story of marijuana prohibition.

Before patriarchal times, Friday 13th was considered the day of the Goddess. It was considered a day to worship the Divine Feminine that lives in all of us and honours the cycles of creation, death and rebirth. According to Gina Spriggs, a North Carolina-based futurist and holistic intuitive, both Friday and the number 13 have been twisted to carry negative connotations. It has been penned an “unlucky” day that should be feared which reflects the wider misogynistic history of patriarchal religious cultures that have been so heavily embedded in time.

As we move into a more conscious era, with the holistic benefits of CBD / cannabis playing a massive role in our collective evolution, it is important for us to not only look back at the history of this violence to society, but also how the healing benefits of the plant have been equally suppressed.

As we know, from the legalisation process and the existence of this platform alone, the benefits of the cannabis plant are once again being revered. There are many useful applications from agricultural to medicinal to spiritual. Providing nutritious food, potent medicine, sustainable fuel, low-impact building material and it is clear from statistics in U.S. cities that have experiences legalisations that it is a consciousness expanding herb, nurturing humanity, reducing violence and amplifying peace.

As detailed in an article by Ethan Indigo Smith, historic “marijuana prohibition”, something we are finally breaking away from, has three distinct aspects: “the prohibition of hemp in favour of less effective, more profitable agricultural practices; the elimination of the natural (ie. free) health-care offered by cannabis and hemp seed; and the suppression of the spiritual potential of cannabis as a consciousness-enhancing plant.

The prohibition was historically a corporate-sponsored government ban on cannabis and the intentional dismantling of the feminine homeopathy and agricultural paradigms.”

The reason that we are sharing this article and insight is because at CBDecoded, we want to reiterate the importance of compassion, equality and diversity particularly within the cannabis space which we have to ensure is a reflection of the plant, and Mother Nature herself.

There’s a tendency in the legalisation process for a small minority to benefit greatly and for the disenfranchised and essentially the on the ground caregivers who have been sharing the plant “illegally” for many years to suffer during the legalisation process. We have seen this happen in the U.S. and Canada and we think that in the U.K. we have the chance to make sure that the legalisation process is more intersectional.

It’s something that we collectively need to ensure and always be aware of and remember that the plant is a divine female energy and those leading the charge must respect that and avoid it becoming another unfair and unjust patriarchal money maker. This is why we offer a true and honest insight at CBDecoded with multiple perspectives on products coming into market, and speak frankly about the unjust history of the plant’s prohibition.

Without a natural balance, the institutions are purely capitalist and not co-operative, they control, and not empower, so with our platform we are hoping to bring to life a balance within this space.

For more depth, it is worth checking out Ethan Indigo Smith’s The Little Green Book of Revolution, available on Amazon.