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CBD oil for dogs: 5 things you didn’t know

There is a groundswell of interest in the benefits of using CBD products. Increasingly, CBD oil is being recognised for its medicinal benefits and ability to support fitness, healthy rest, general wellbeing and pain management.

What is not so widely known is that CBD has the potential to be a value to dogs!

In fact, there are many holistic vets and dog owners who are happy to extol the virtues of giving CBD to their canine companions.

Having established that, let’s look at five more things you might not know when it comes to CBD oil and dogs.

1. Your dog can’t get high on CBD oil.

This is an important one to address straight away. Though CBD (more properly called Cannabidiol) is a substance extracted from cannabis and hemp plants, it is not the same as the cannabis used for recreational drug taking!

“Weed”, one of the common names for street cannabis, contains a chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC for short). This is a psychoactive substance, meaning it creates a mind-altering effect.

To be clear, CBD used for dogs does NOT contain THC and will not send them “high”.

2. Calming effects of CBD

CBD can be used to make dogs less anxious. CBD oil can bring feelings of relaxation and can support better quality rest. If you have a four-legged friend who suffers from stress or becomes agitated – such as during firework season or on journeys – carefully measured doses of CBD have been shown to help.

3. Seizure control in dogs

One of the occasions, when vets may recommend CBD oil for dogs, is if your pet suffers from epilepsy or some other condition that causes seizures.

Seizures affect substantial numbers of dogs and can be distressing for the animal and its owner. In some cases, the beloved pet can be harmed by their fit. CBD oil has been shown to have a marked impact on this problem; so much so that the NHS now prescribe CBD oil for some associated medical conditions in humans.

4. Pain relief for pets

Another of the benefits of CBD oil – which is currently subject to widespread interest and research – is its abilities to manage pain and inflammation.

Pain relief for dogs can be challenging, but adding a few drops of CBD oil into food or water is an increasingly popular remedy, supported by many holistic vets.

5. The full benefits of CBD for dogs could be vast

Lastly, you may not realise just how beneficial CBD oil is for your furry friend. Even medical scientists have still not unlocked all its advantages!

There are numerous studies underway worldwide to measure and document the health properties of CBD oil for humans and animals. This includes its potential to prevent or treat cancer (link to the other blog), as well as to tackle diseases that involve chronic inflammation and neurological disorders.

Watch this space then, as more things you didn’t know about CBD for dogs are coming soon!