CBD oil is a ‘Halal Healer’

British journalist and CBD advocate Ruqaiya Haris (watch her feature with CBDecoded here) has published a feature on The New Arab which showcases the benefits of CBD as a halal alternative to cannabis consumption.

The piece highlights a number of Muslim entrepreneurs that are among those at the forefront pushing for greater awareness around the potential benefits of CBD oil.

Ruqaiya confirms that “Whilst cannabis and cannabis-derived products come under harsh legislative restrictions in many parts of the world or are considered culturally and religiously taboo, cannabis is thought to have been used medicinally for thousands of years in the Middle East and Asia and countries across the world are slowly acknowledging its safety and potential.

Cannabis and hashish consumed in their traditional form are held to be ‘haram’, or impermissible in Islam, due to their intoxicating properties, unlike CBD.”

The article goes on to showcase Muslim CBD entrepreneurs who are among the leaders of the industry including Housam Nasr, a Muslim CBD entrepreneur and co-founder of the cannabis PR company, London Canna Group.

To education and inform the masses about the CBD industry, London Canna Group organised the Europe Canna Expo last year at the Excel centre in London and also in Dublin and Zagreb, bringing together companies from around the world as well as “the leading minds in the field, doctors and physicians who can share their knowledge to the intrigued.”

Housam states that “CBD is only one of over 115 cannabinoids in the plant, and the more we raise public understanding, the more research is conducted to understand what other ailments it can help with.”

Read the full article on The New Arab.