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CBDecoded Meets: Ruqaiya Haris

As part of our mission to destigmatise cannabis, we are profiling advocates for the healing benefits of the plant from within and beyond our community. We start our series with writer and cultural icon, Ruqaiya Haris.

Ruqaiya is a writer and cultural commentator, she works regularly with the BBC, i-D magazine, Dazed, The Guardian, The Independent and many more. She a community role model, spokesperson for marginalised groups and activist for mental health and wellbeing. Ruqaiya is also a make up artist and works in the beauty sector, so her perspective on the plant is refreshing and rooted in the healing values the cannabis plant provides. 

Ruqaiya started taking CBD a few months ago and in our video she acknowledges the mental health benefits. Her anxiety has been reduced with the aid of the plant and she is a strong advocate for legalisation in the UK. 

We visited Ruqaiya at Alexandra Palace and her home. Watch the video below and follow more of her journey via Ruqaiya’s Twitter and Instagram

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