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The sport specific benefits of CBD are countless for wellness enthusiasts. It’s now possible to use CBD balms, tinctures and capsules, of the non psychoactive derivative of the cannabis plant, in order to speed up recovery time, to improve sleep and rest periods, alleviate muscle fatigue and also as a natural pain killer. 

The NBA decided to allow its players to use CBD as part of their pain treatment recovery process in 2018 before the WADA legalisation in early 2019 and a recent ruling by the World Association Against Doping said that CBD is no longer a listed substance when it comes to use in games. To be more specific, this has resulted in CBD – in being safe, but natural cannabinoids such as marijuana or other ‘artificial highs’ are still not allowed to be used.

From a UK perspective, we wanted to introduce you to fourfivecbd – a company developed for athletes by athletes, created by rugby players George Kruis and Dom Day who have been passionately working in this space to create a product that is functional and an asset to society – tailored to the professional and recreational sports world. 

We’ve been exploring more depth with the brands that we connect with at CBDecoded, and it felt natural to introduce fourfivecbd to you as a brand that we trust and have personally looked into analytics reports, test certificates and have also reviewed across various intersections. 

fourfivecbd provides a range of oils balms and capsules sourced from high-quality suppliers and using the highest possible quality in production.

fourfivecbd offers a menthol muscle rub which is a batch tested zero THC CBD product and is also tested for the cross contamination of banned substances. This was achieved through the US gold standard testing group, BSCG. They will also be launching a joint gel in the near future which will feature the same endorsement. The brand’s CBD oils are made without the use of pesticides and herbicides, 100% natural and vegan and vegetarian friendly, and its hemp is sourced from across Europe.

As for our experience with the products, we tested a 500mg lower strength CBD oil (orange flavour), CBD capsules and CBD muscle rub. It’s always great to see that all of the products are vegan and free of herbicides and pesticides. The branding is really clean and simple, but also with a very visible “cbd” along with the words “rest.recover.rise” so there is no doubt how clear the consumer message is from an activism standpoint.

The oil comes packaged as a mouth spray which has a great feel to the bottle and works really well as a simple way to consume, without sometimes potentially messy droppers. It has a very refined orange flavour which feels very natural. You will almost certainly feel the effects within moments of the oil going under your tongue.


The muscle rub is genius and we love the smell, high quality feel and soothing effect. It’s a natural yellow-green and rubs in translucent. Even smelling the balm it is relaxing and part of of the overall CBD experience with four five.

Due to mild strains taking place during the testing period, we used the balm three times over 24 hours and found that it helped tremendously in easing the pain. The balm instantly soothed aided by the menthol-based formula and provided an effective solution allowing regular body movement, almost completely pain free within hours of its application. 


The capsules are translucent but packed to the brim with a green / brown powder. The pills are super small, so might be ideal for some but fiddly for others, depending. Capsules for a regular period of time are crucial for the longer term benefits of CBD, but overall the three products were cohesive, nicely branded, chic and aesthetically pleasing, and with a sporty edge. 


In our continued effort to bring you the highest quality information and guidance for free concerning every aspect of CBD, we also want you to be able to access the best CBD products at the best prices, so we are really happy to offer CBDecoded readers an exclusive 15% discount on ALL fourfivecbd products.