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Does CBD Oil Help to Prevent Alzheimer’s?

Currently, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that CBD oil can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, or that the oil could minimise symptoms or reverse the neurological effects of the condition. Despite this lack of evidence, it is often acknowledged that CBD oil could be beneficial in reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s due to the possible changes that the oil can sometimes be shown to facilitate within the brain. 

Research into the association between CBD oil and Alzheimer’s has been undertaken within clinical settings, with early findings putting forward two potential ways in which the oil could help to protect against the physiological changes which are shown to be major risk factors for developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia:

1. Removal of Amyloid protein

Many people with Alzheimer’s disease are shown to have unusually high levels of the Amyloid protein in the brain. These proteins clump together, affecting communications between the brain’s neurons and the body’s cells, meaning that cell function is compromised. Whether these protein clumps are a cause or effect of Alzheimer’s is not known, but if Amyloid proteins are a cause, CBD oil may be able to help. Some research has shown that CBD oil can inhibit natural Amyloid production, minimising the possibility of clumps developing.

2. Inflammation reduction

Although not categorised as such, Alzheimer’s is frequently referred to as an auto-inflammatory disease because it closely mimics the presentation of other auto-inflammatory conditions. Inflammation of the brain is seen in almost all Alzheimer’s patients, but as with the Amyloid protein clumps, it has not yet been determined whether inflammation is a cause or effect of the condition. Once again, if inflammation is a cause of the disease, CBD oil may be able to minimise risk. Some studies have shown CBD oil to be highly effective in reducing inflammation . However, exactly how it helps is the subject of much debate. Some researchers believe that CBD oil itself is directly responsible, while others claim that it works by stimulating the body’s own endocannabinoid (EC) system.

In addition to studies which focus on the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease through the use of CBD oil, researchers are also looking into connections between CBD oil and existing cases of Alzheimer’s to determine whether or not CBD oil could be used as an effective treatment and management method. Again, while conclusive evidence is lacking, some early studies have suggested that CBD oil could be used to slow down brain cell decline and minimise the neurological symptoms of the disease.