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Does CBD oil help with hair growth?

Anyone experiencing the distress of thinning hair, a receding hairline or sporadic bald patches will understand how challenging it is to find a natural solution. Some of the procedures offered to address these issues can involve substantial cost, and even travelling abroad for help.

Many people search for an easy-to-access, inexpensive way to promote hair growth.

Why CBD hair products can be bought in the UK

It appears the answer could lie with readily available, pure CBD based products from reputable companies such as (name of company)!

CBD oils and other products do not contain the psychoactive substance (THC) that gives cannabis derivatives a “bad name”. In other words, you get all the potential benefits, without the risk of getting “high”. You also have assured dosages of CBD that can be legally purchased in the UK.

How does CBD affect hair and scalp health?

At this stage, you may be wondering what is the connection between CBD and hair growth?

The many benefits of using CBD products are yet to be fully explored – and are subject to worldwide interest and research. However, a clear picture is emerging of the way CBD interacts with the human scalp.

CBD infused products – such as shampoo – appear to boost scalp health and promote hair regrowth in several ways.

CBD oil based products add omega 3 and omega 6, along with other “fatty acids” to the hair follicles and scalp surface. They also give your scalp significant amounts of Vitamin E, calcium and other key minerals such as magnesium and potassium. These all play important roles in promoting cell health and regeneration and improve blood circulation.

In other words, just like the way CBD works on brain receptors by helping them do their important tasks creating a physiological balance, CBD also works on scalps to promote natural healing and other processes.

From this, comes the potential for anyone using CBD products to experience healthy hair growth. It can also lead to much shinier, stronger hair and a well-maintained scalp in general.

Other potential benefits of CBD for hair

Interestingly, some hair salons and CBD enthusiasts also firmly believe that Cannabidiol (CBD) balances the scalp’s creation of sebum. This is nature’s own skin moisturising agent. Your scalp can inadvertently overproduce (creating greasy hair) or underproduce (creating a dry, flaky scalp). By regulating sebum, CBD based hair products would also provide a substantial step towards healthy scalp and hair.

So, while the medical scientists grapple with the “whys” and full effects of CBD, it does appear that using carefully manufactured and legal CBD products could combat issues such as thinning hair.