How does CBD make you feel?

Taking any vitamin or nutrient supplement as part of your daily routine can potentially help manage a wide range of varied conditions, and CBD is no exception. Thanks to the compound’s recent popularity in the US, CBD’s rising profile has seen more and more individuals sing its praises throughout the world.

So, how can CBD make you feel and what are the potential benefits of adding it to your current regime?


CBD is well known for its potential ability to help with anxious behaviour or alleviate symptoms of stress or distress. While it’s always essential to seek proper medical help for continued anxiety or mental health issues, CBD could be a light-touch complement to any ongoing treatment or course of therapy. In addition, the substance can help calm those with a more nervous disposition or potentially provide help when going up against situations that can spark panic – such as public speaking or finishing off a stressful project.


CBD products can enjoy a range of helpful anti-inflammatory properties, meaning that they work to relieve aches from muscle that can come from swelling. This trait is normally enjoyed by opioids which can be extremely addictive and damaging to your body over longer periods of time, making CBD a non-intoxicating potential alternative. This can help with the regular aches and pains that follow exercise or the simple stiffness that accompanies long days at the office, making it helpful for those looking to add to their existing treatment plan.


The potential calming effects of CBD can act as a powerful mood balancer through the relaxing effect that the substance can produce for certain users. This means that users can potentially help avoid adverse and unpredictable mood swings or prevent individuals from getting too ‘worked up’ about issues and obstacles. This could also help bring about a sense of renewed focus and can potentially help users achieve a state of ‘flow’ with their work – helping you more quickly and effectively ‘get into’ your daily tasks.

Ready to rest

One of the biggest potential benefits of taking CBD is its ability to contribute to an improved sleep cycle by shortening your ‘drop-off’ period before sleep. This could improve your body’s access to REM sleep and can help make the transition from sleeping to waking easier and less abrupt. This can produce a similar feeling to taking melatonin or other types of sleep supplement without the danger of addiction or any other harmful side effects that can come with artificial sleep aids.