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How is CBD oil manufactured?

You might think that all CBD oil is the same, but think again! The manufacturing process of CBD oil has a really significant effect on its quality, so knowing how it is made can give you a valuable insight into choosing the right one. With so many different CBD oil products flooding the market at the moment, this knowledge is more vital than ever.

Growing your hemp

The process starts with the plants, which may be either marijuana or hemp – both species of cannabis. Choosing a plant that is naturally higher in CBD is important and strains are usually selected on this basis. Many CBD manufacturers have developed their own strains of the plants so as to ensure a high yield and good quality. Marijuana needs highly specialised growing conditions which have to be closely monitored, whereas hemp will grow in most climates. Growing hemp is not subject to the same legal restrictions as marijuana as it has little to no psychoactive effects, although growing it in the UK still requires a licence.

Isolate or whole plant extraction

There are two different approaches to the extraction process; whole plant extraction or isolate extraction. In whole plant extraction, as the name suggests, the whole plant is used, but in isolate extraction, pure CBD oil is produced from the plant. With whole plant extraction, the benefits are thought to be that a wider range of cannabinoids are included in the product. This is important because the combined effect of these cannabinoids is thought to stimulate the body’s endocannabinoid system. Isolate extraction relies much more on the quality of the plant grown in the first place, but gives a purer form of CBD.

CBD Extraction methods

The two most popular methods of extracting CBD are alcohol extraction and CO2 extraction. Alcohol extraction is relatively simple and involves soaking the leaves in a solvent, for example, alcohol. After evaporation, you are left with CBD oil. The other method involves forcing carbon dioxide through the plant material under pressure. This is much more complicated but does separate out the different cannabinoids. This allows manufacturers to precisely tailor their recipes.

Dilution and flavouring

The CBD oil produced using extraction is not yet ready for consumers; it needs to be diluted to suit different consumer requirements and flavouring is often added to make it more palatable. When choosing your CBD oil, look for the concentration of CBD in each product.