How to make your own CBD oil

Over the past five years, the medicinal benefits of cannabis have finally broken through into the mainstream media and wider public consciousness. After a number of high profile cases emerged showing parents having to take severely epileptic children abroad for cannabis medications that weren’t available in the UK, the Home Office has finally begun to take note. 

At the same time, the popularity of legal, CBD-based products has grown exponentially, with major high street brands now stocking supplements, oil and butter with a range of health benefits. These fall below the legal THC limit of 0.3% (the psychoactive bit) meaning it’s treated in exactly the same way as any other supplement.

While in its infancy, CBD oils aren’t currently the cheapest of products available, but the good news is that with a bit of know-how, you can quickly and easily make your own. Read on to learn how to make your own CBD oil, save heaps of money, and avoid falling in short supply.

Making CBD Oil With Olive Oil

Choosing a great quality olive oil such as extra virgin olive oil will result in a tastier overall oil, but it will be more expensive so its down to preference.

It’s important to use a high CBD, low TBC strain to get the maximum medicinal benefits from your home made CBD oil. It’s important to what strain you’re using. Charlotte’s Web is the cannabis that has been used to treat epilepsy in children so far due to its high CBD content.

The easiest way to prepare your cannabis is to simply grind it down into the finest powder you can. This finer the powder, the greater surface area for the CBD to be able to attach itself to the surrounding oil.

In a frying pan, pour in the olive oil along with an equal part of water on a low heat. It’s important to include the water, otherwise we’re just having a weed based fry up. Add the finely ground cannabis and begin stirring into the solution on a low heat. As your stir, keep an eye out for heat bubbles starting to form and stop increasing the temperature. Continue stirring until you have a slightly stickier substance and reduce the heat.

Once the water has mostly evaporated, strain the solution. Place into a Tupperware or other sealed pot and leave in the fridge overnight. The water will have separated to the bottom so you can squeeze the sides to release this, and you’ll be left with a beautiful homemade CBD oil.