Human Cannabidiol study shows vastly-improved system to absorb CBD

As we know, Cannabidiol (CBD) is increasingly being used to support many areas of health including mood, joints, healthy sleep and inflammation, however, CBD as it currently stands is known to have limited oral bioavailability.

recent study published in the journal Molecules sought to determine whether the absorption of CBD could be improved by a more effective delivery system. The new system is known as SEDDS – self-emulsifying drug delivery system and it aimed to see if CBD can be absorbed better without the addition of oils. 

This SEDDS VESIsorb® formulation technology incorporates CBD as hemp extract and allows it to be absorbed through a lymphatic absorption pathway rather than through the gastrointestinal tract.

Here’s what the Molecules study found:

  • Single oral administration of SEDDS-CBD led to greater blood plasma levels of CBD and increased bioavailability to absorb CBD compared with the control CBD
  • Faster absorption occurred with SEDDS-CBD compared to a control formulation of CBD
  • Normally, CBD is better absorbed in women compared to men. However, the SEDDS-CBD significantly reduced this gender difference

Authors of the Molecules study administered to 16 healthy volunteers (eight men and eight women) a single oral dose of CBD that used VESIsorb® SEDDS technology standardized to 25 mg as hemp extract. The same hemp extract diluted with MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil served as a control. 

The study was a randomized, double-blind, cross-over study, meaning the subjects received one formulation (SEDDS CBD or the control MCT CBD) on one day, then were switched over to the opposite formulation after a 14-day break. The participants took the CBD on an empty stomach after 10 hours of overnight fasting to prevent any effect food may have had on absorption. 

Single oral administration of the SEDDS CBD led to 4.4-fold higher blood plasma levels of CBD compared to the control CBD formula. The SEDDS CBD also resulted in improved bioavailability. Additionally, the SEDDS CBD was absorbed faster, with 87.5% of subjects showing peak levels in one hour after taking the SEDDS CBD compared to a median of three hours for the MCT-CBD control formula.

CBDecoded will keep you posted on developments in this space and brands that are working on improving the delivery system!