Introducing: Wunder Workshop

In our earliest CBD product guide, we noted Wunder Workshop as one of the brands that we used personally at CBDecoded and connected with for their holistic values and specifically their Turmeric CBD Oil.

Back in 2014, Zoe Lind van’t Hof & Tom Smale set up Wunder Workshop – a London based functional food brand inspired by Ayurveda and primarily focussing on turmeric based products. As the CBD market evolved, so did Wunder Workshop and in turn, we have had the chance to review their latest CBD offering which is probably the most holistically advanced product on the market, the “Adaptogen CBD Oil“.

With the Adaptogen CBD Oil, the duo combined five of nature’s most potent ingredients to create a powerful daily wellness ritual. The ingredients include Mucuna pruriens, also known as “velvet bean” – an aphrodisiac and tension reliever, used in Ayurveda. It also contains L-Dopa, a chemical precursor to dopamine our neurotransmitter responsible for emotional wellbeing. They also included their organic Superior Ashwagandha, another highly regarded Ayurvedic plant that acts as a potent adaptogen to help balance our response to physical and emotional stress. The blend also contains Wunder Workshop’s CBD and full-spectrum, organic Turmeric extract. Plus, BioPerine black pepper extract to improve bioavailability.

From our personal experience at CBDecoded, we were very impressed with the overall effect of the product from a CBD perspective and the combined feeling from the Ashwagandadha and Cannabidiol was evident after keeping the blend under your tongue for a few minutes. It is great that every batch is independently tested to ensure high potency and consistency. The taste is representative of the specific plants included within the blend, so depending on your preferred feeling when consuming an oil, that is a consideration!

The product does not contain THC and we can confirm that CBDecoded has verified the the laboratory tests and have the certificates.

The product itself is protected in Miron Violet glass and each bottle packed in a handcrafted and hand-dyed turmeric pouch made by Sri Lankan mamas at AMMA.

We also had the chance to ask Zoe some questions to go into a little bit more depth on the brand’s ethical and sustainable values to promote a transparent relationship between grower and consumer which you can read by clicking here.

You can shop Wunder Workshop directly at and message us on Facebook and Instagram with any questions you might have!