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Is CBD good post workout?

Pre and post workout supplements are all the rage. Being able to go for longer or recover more quickly is a massive benefit for any gym fan. With CBD oil becoming more popular every day, many athletes are asking: is CBD good post workout?

What Makes a Good Post Workout Supplement?

High-power workouts take a toll on the body. They can leave you feeling sore and tired, and even increase levels of hormones such as cortisol. This is totally normal and is simply the body’s way of responding to the physical stress you’re putting it under. To reduce these negative effects, post-workout supplements may promote the following:

• Stimulate muscle growth
• Replenish energy levels
• Reduce cellular breakdown

These are all beneficial effects and often come with high carb, high protein supplements which may also contain useful amino acids. CBD works a little differently. The studied effects of CBD include:

• Anti-inflammatory properties
• Anti-catabolic effects
• Regulating diet and sleep

CBD May Ease Post Workout Burn

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of CBD have been well studied. Reduction in pain levels means faster recovery after exercise. A faster recovery lets you get on with the rest of the day quicker and leaves you feeling less wrung out and exhausted. Users of CBD have reported having to use far fewer standard pain medications such as opioids, due to CBD’s potential for managing pain.

CBD Can Promote Muscle Growth

Studies suggest that the anti-catabolic effects of CBD may promote muscle growth when taken within 30 minutes of a productive exercise session. Anti-catabolic supplements help to regulate the hormones in the human body. They can moderate the production of stress hormones such as cortisol. This is important as cortisol inhibits muscle growth. The 30 minutes straight after physical activity is known as the “anabolic window” and managing hormones and nutrition during this time has the most impact on muscle growth and recovery.

CBD for Better Diet

After an energetic exercise, it can feel so easy to grab something to eat or drink that’s not actually that good for you. Convenience foods make life simpler but aren’t always the best for athletes. CBD has been known to regulate the body’s blood sugar levels, helping to keep cravings at bay. This encourages athletes to choose their food more wisely, and may even help with weight loss or bulking up.

Whatever exercise you do, the potential effects of CBD could make it a great post-workout addition to your gym routine.