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Is CBD oil good for muscle growth?

Bodybuilders and athletes all want the best from their workout. There are numerous supplements out there, promising better muscle tone and improved fitness. But is CBD oil good for muscle growth?

CBD might seem like an odd choice for athletes. Many supplements are all about high protein or energy boosting, whereas CBD is often thought of as relaxing and stress-reducing – good for many things but not necessarily high-power workouts. However, CBD oil has some qualities which could actually make it ideal for those wanting to promote muscle growth.

CBD oil as an anti-inflammatory

The cannabis plant has many components, and CBD is just one of those. It has no psychoactive properties, but CBD does have many properties which are beneficial for health. One of those properties is that CBD as an anti-inflammatory, as has been explored in randomised clinical trials. This means CBD actively works to reduce pain and inflammation.

This means that taking CBD oil could help reduce the feelings of the “burn” you experience after intense physical activity, meaning recovery after gym session can be faster.

CBD oil as an anti-catabolic

This means it may regulate the level of hormones in the body. One of the hormones it can affect is cortisol, known commonly as the “stress” hormone. Too much cortisol can inhibit muscle growth, so having a supplement that moderates the production of cortisol is useful for anyone who’s trying to bulk up.

CBD oil may provide increased stamina

Taking CBD oil while exercising can allow some athletes to train for longer. This is because fatigue doesn’t set in as quickly, so those feelings of tiredness are kept at bay for longer. One recommendation is to avoid those pre-workout supplements that contain caffeine. Caffeine increases the level of cortisol in the system, which means it ends up working directly against the beneficial effects of the CBD.

Taking CBD oil doesn’t promote hunger, and it may even regulate blood sugar levels. This means some athletes can say “bye bye” to those post-gym cravings for something sweet. It’s much easier to regulate your diet when you don’t feel the urge to grab something salty or sugary straight after an exercise session.

All in all, it’s clear to see that CBD could be beneficial before or after a workout session. Being able to exercise for longer whilst feeling less burn can only be a bonus!