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Is it legal to make your own CBD oil?

Despite changes in law that make certain CBD products legal, it is still illegal to grow cannabis plants in the UK. But there is a certain amount of confusion around legality, since CBD oil products that meet the requirements set out in regulations can be sold in the UK. The reality is that they are all produced from plants grown in other EU countries or the USA, as it is currently not legal to produce your own CBD oil in the UK. This sends out mixed messages about the products, and activists are working to have changes made that will address this double standard.

CBD oil as complementary medicine

For businesses to sell CBD products as medicine in the UK, they must possess a licence. And this licence is not easy to obtain, even if the product contains extremely low THC, because to categorise something as a ‘medicine’ it must have been put through extremely rigorous testing processes. This is why it is usually sold as a nutritional supplement, as it isn’t classified as a controlled drug if the CBD was extracted from the right type of hemp plant and the THC content is below 0.2%.

A bright future, perhaps?

The future looks positive for cannabis products, however, as a growing number of influential people are becoming advocates of their use. This is particularly powerful in medicinal terms, and research is ongoing to explore the untapped potential of the cannabis plant. In fact, the Home Secretary recently intervened in the case of a child who was being treated with stronger CBD oil than is legally permitted in the UK to ensure he was allowed to use it. Consequently, a review was launched into the regulation of cannabis oil for medicinal purposes, and medicinal cannabis is now legal for the treatment of two types of epilepsy, as well as spasticity that is a consequence of Multiple Sclerosis.

The bottom line

As it stands, making your own CBD oil is against the law because you would have to illegally grow your own plants and extract the oil in a way that is not guaranteed to ensure the final product contains less than o.2% THC. This means it is not recommended that you try to produce your own. It is far safer to simply purchase a legal CBD oil product from the many vendors that sell them all over the UK.