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Is it safe to take CBD every day?

As an increasingly popular treatment for a range of chronic health conditions, many individuals looking to manage pain or symptoms of their conditions take CBD daily. Whether in supplement form or through oils or smoking, as CBD increases in popularity, more and more people are choosing CBD as a part of their daily regime.

To understand how much CBD is the correct amount for use daily, there are several factors to consider. As this chemical reacts directly with our internal endocannabinoid system, it’s essential to know how much is too much, while still allowing CBD to be effective for their specific purposes. As with other substances and medications, over time, CBD can build up within the body. How long it stays in the system can vary from person to person.

For those struggling with chronic health concerns or long-term medical requirements, this build-up could be considered a positive thing. Similarly to how pain patients may take NSAIDs or opioids on a regular schedule to manage their pain effectively, keeping a steady level of CBD in the body can have the same effect. 

For individuals with epilepsy or similar seizure conditions, a consistent level of CBD is a must to prevent seizures. This form of treatment is recommended under the FDA for childhood epilepsy, specifically for CBD medication Epidiolex. As this medication requires administration every day, it could suggest that similar routines are equally safe with other forms of CBD, depending on strength and dosage.

However, for those looking to treat a condition that is less consistent or has ‘flares’, taking CBD as and when it is required may be the best choice, enabling the chemical to be just as effective each time it is used. According to the chair of clinical science from Drake University, Timothy Welty, it’s important to monitor other bodily functions if you plan to take CBD regularly, in the same way, you would for any medication. This is due to potential liver damage in a small part of the population.

Is it safe to take CBD every day? It depends. If your dosage is consistently higher then recommended, then taking CBD every day may not be the best solution, in a similar way you would not take other strong medications daily. Speaking to a medical professional will give you more insight into if regular CBD usage is right for you, or whether occasional use is your best choice for better health in the long run.