Map of the UK Cannabis Ecosystem

Compiled primarily from the First Wednesdays’ member database and publicly available information, the team behind the biggest connection in the European cannabis space felt it was important to take a closer look at current activity in the UK cannabis ecosystem.

The UK cannabis space has grown exponentially since November 2018 and since the inception of First Wednesdays just over two years ago. To showcase their foothold in the infrastructure of the space and how brilliantly they have connected so many of us in the industry, the team has compiled a map (the first, in fact) of the ecosystem, looking at core segments of the market, covering unique UK-headquartered companies operating in each market segment.

The visual predominantly features companies who have their headquarters in the UK and focuses on specialist retailers and not businesses that do not specialise in CBD or seeds, ancillary products or paraphernalia companies. 

At a time when understanding the nature of the business is crucial with the Novel Foods March 31st 2021 deadline fast approaching, the visual can help communities better understand the space at a time when transparency regarding future regulations will be imperative.

The map is accompanied by set of nine helpful insights across regulation, retail and landscape. Optimistic views on the market are also expressed by Dr Chandni Hindocha (UCL), Jasmin Thomas (Ohana CBD), Rebekah Hall (South West Brands), Steve Moore (CMC), Ed McDermott (EMMAC Life Sciences), Rupert Fane (Hannam and Partners), Kim Smith (KLORIS CBD) and Spiros Malandrakis (Euromonitor International).

You can download the PDF in full here.