Mayor of London Candidate Siobhan Benita On Cannabis Legalisation

In a new interview with Mayoral Candidate Siobhan Benita, she discusses cannabis legalisation with the CBDecoded team. We first met Siobhan at her panel discussion at First Wednesdays in February at the Institute of Directors, where she discussed legalisation from her perspective as mayoral candidate for London 2020.

Following that, we met the pioneering Liberal Democrat candidate at the launch of her campaign for City Hall where she addressed her pledges to cut violent crime levels with kindness at the heart of her policies.

We discussed the “flower is female” analogy of cannabis and the plants connection with the Divine Feminine, and at First Wednesdays, Ms Benita acknowledged the clear health benefits of the plant in a forum of 200 cannabis industry employees and advocates.

In the new interview, Ms Benita reiterates:

“For me absolutely it’s the safety issues that are what is driving me, and the work that I have done on the youth violence commission. There is clear evidence of the link between the likelihood of a young person getting pulled into serious violence and their exposure to the illegal drugs market.

“I am very much putting it forward from a public health approach and I think any candidate that is saying they are tackling knife crime, without saying they want to look at drugs reform, isn’t doing everything that they can to tackle knife crime.

“If you legalise cannabis, and I know there are a whole lot of issues around other drugs, but it is a business like any other business.”

Siobhan is also working with Brian Paddock, who was the officer who tried to decriminalise cannabis in Brixton.

A legalised industry here would solve many health issues and anyone promoting the values of the plant for the public will be receiving our support.

Voting for Mayor of London 2020 takes place on 7th May, so make sure you are registered to vote and you can find out more about Siobhan Benita’s campaign by clicking here.