Microdose Overnight with a CBD Pillow

If you thought the innovation behind CBD products was peaking, guess again! A California-based company just launched a memory foam pillow with CBD-infused fabric – the world’s first CBD Pillow.

Users can get microdoses of CBD during their sleep with the aim of sustained and more restful sleep, as we know and have previously researched and reported, CBD can help greatly with insomnia.

With a patent-processed method called microencapsulation, microscopic drops of CBD are bonded to the pillow’s fabric. Friction makes these capsules burst, progressively releasing their content. Released CBD is absorbed by hair follicles and skin and is intended to deliver a relaxing and calm sleep.

Unlike CBD oil or ingestibles that wear off after 3 hours, the CBD Pillow releases micro doses of CBD all night long. Each pillow includes an average of 170 milligrams of CBD.

“We were searching for a safe, natural solution to help people get the rest they so desperately need, and we found that solution in CBD. With the CBD Pillow, we can now provide the highest quality CBD, in the easiest, least intrusive way, so that everyone can experience the benefits of CBD,” CEO Michael Hughes said in a statement.

“And with microencapsulation technology, we’ve pioneered a pillow that benefits everyone — from a seasoned CBD lover to a first time tester.”

We’re keen to test this soon, and will share due diligence on lab reports.