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What CBD oil is best for dogs?

How effective is CBD oil for dogs?

If you’re a dog owner, you can’t have failed to notice that CBD oil is the latest hot topic. So what exactly is CBD oil and how can it help your dog? CBD is one of many compounds found in the cannabis plant. CBD oil contains a concentration of this compound and it has been linked with many health benefits for both humans and animals. A common misconception is that the oil is psychoactive (or that it will get your dog ‘high’), but this is not the case. 

CBD oil is thought to help with a number of conditions in dogs. Research has shown that the oil reduces anxiety in humans and the effect on dogs is thought to be similar. It is also used to fight cancer, treat epilepsy and seizures, relieve pain, help with bowel disease, reduce inflammation and increase heart health and appetite. 

How to choose the best CBD oil for your dog

With a huge array of products, all claiming to be the best, you need to give some thought to which really is the right one for your dog. This will depend on a number of things like the quality of the raw materials and manufacturing process, the concentration and the extent to which it has been tested. 

Check how your CBD oil is manufactured?

CBD oil is completely legal in the UK as long as it is manufactured using an approved EU strain, so that is the first thing to check. Another important consideration is that the hemp used in the oil (and any other ingredients) are organically grown. Some CBD oil manufacturers grow their own hemp and, whilst this might be a slightly more expensive option, it will give you peace of mind about the origins of your CBD oil. This will prevent other unpleasant chemicals from turning up in your oil. Similarly, make sure that your chosen oil is free from additives.

Check the concentration of the CBD

Check how much CBD oil there actually is in the product. You’ll find that it is available in different concentrations or potencies, so you can choose the one that is most suitable for your dog. CBD oils are usually sold with a dropper so you can accurately control your dog’s dose and adjust it if needed. 

Has the CBD oil been tested

Finally, it’s worth checking to see if your CBD oil is subject to third party testing. Reputable CBD companies will send their products for third-party testing so you can be assured of the content and quality.