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What does CBD do for your body?

An increasingly popular product CBD (should be a comma after product) has sometimes been labelled as a ‘wonder treatment’ that can solve any number of ills. While it might not be the answer to all our ills ongoing research will shed some light on the beneficial effects of CBD. For example: some studies have shown that taking CBD infused products or oil can carry a number of genuine potential benefits. 

So, how does CBD help your body and how exactly does it happen? 

Helps Mood

While CBD products remove THC (the psychoactive element found in cannabis) it can still have a meaningful effect on your body. Studies have shown that CBD stimulates the CB1 and CB2 receptor in your body which helps manage the creation and uptake of serotonin, a vital neurotransmitter when it comes to regulating your mood. Many prescription drugs perform this same function and, while CBD should <i>never</i> be taken as a substitute for genuine medical care, it can potentially play a role in helping regulate your mood.

Manages pain

One of CBD’s leading uses that is being thoroughly researched is its potential role in pain management. Early research has shown that CBD products can potentially help deal with neuropathic pain management. While these studies are ongoing, many anecdotal reports are available online that illustrate its ability to help those in chronic pain due to inflammation, arthritis, chronic pain and others. 

Despite CBD being an attractive and non-addictive alternative to potentially addictive medications, it is vitally important to consult with your doctor before beginning treatment. They can help point you towards relevant research and ensure that any products you take do not interfere with any medication you are currently taking. 

Compliments Medical Treatments

The USA has come leaps and bounds in legalising marijuana products after seeing their ability to help those suffering through cancer treatment, those recovering from invasive surgery, or as a palliative aid for certain patients. 

This makes it a powerful complementary therapy when taken safely alongside other treatments and can play a vital tangible and psychological role in making it through an extremely trying period. While research is ongoing, CBD potentially carries the ability to alleviate symptoms such as nausea, help stimulate appetite, and potentially help ease pain and discomfort when recuperating after surgery or undergoing particularly aggressive or invasive medical treatment.