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What does CBD infused mean?

With the market currently flooded with products, it can be difficult to determine what ones are right for you and which ones are best for your unique needs. And with many items referred to as ‘CBD infused’, it can get pretty confusing extremely quickly.

So, what do vendors mean by claiming that a product is ‘CBD infused’ and what forms do ‘infused’ products take?

What does CBD infused mean?

Whenever a product is referred to as ‘infused’ it simply means that it has CBD present in it. An infusion will involve lacing the product with CBD in order to ensure that the customer is able to enjoy the beneficial properties of the substance. 

No matter what product you choose however, some things will remain the same.

While the concentration of CBD may differ – with some products having in higher volume than other – it is worth remembering that the THC amount and plant derivatives will be the same. This means that every product will enjoy 0.2% THC to be legally sold and be produced for hemp due to its low-THC yielding properties. This can help make sure that no matter how you want to consume it, you will be able to potentially benefit from the cannabidiol inside. 

What kind of CBD infused products can you buy?

With a wide range of products currently on the market, finding one that suits your lifestyle and needs can be met. Some of the most common CBD infused items include:

CBD oil: The most common type of CBD infused product, oils can be generated in a number of ways from home-made products that derive from hemp soaked in olive oil, to complex chemical processes that distil the substance down to a carrier liquid. Simple and straightforward to use, oils can be added to almost anything and enter the body through the digestive tract when used, entering the body quickly, efficiently, and safely.

CBD cream: Popular with people with aches and pains, here the CBS is infused with a carrier balm that is commonly made from coconut oil or plant derivatives. This is absorbed through the skin and can last for a long period of time despite a potentially long delay in initial absorption.

CBD vape: In this case, ‘infused’ means that CBD oil has been added to the e-liquid used to produce your vape cloud. Thanks to the large surface area of your lungs, this can bypass the body-blood barrier almost instantaneously and let you get a ‘hit’ quickly and efficiently. 

CBD products: The most common source of ‘infusion’. In this case, infusion simply means that CBD oil has been added to the item. This can be as simple as a fruit smoothie, bar of chocolate, or treats for your pet. Each of these will come complete with details on the amount of CBD used and the source, letting you check the amount to ensure that it fully fits with your current regimen.