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What does CBD oil taste like?

The many applications and benefits of CBD are the subject of worldwide research and interest. There are already many enthusiastic users of CBD based products, and news of more advantages emerges regularly. 

Despite that, lingering misconceptions are causing some people to hesitate. One of these concerns is wondering what CBD tastes like.

Is CBD like “weed”?

This concern may be connected to mistakenly associating CBD with recreational drugs. They don’t want to have the taste of “weed’ lingering around their tastebuds!

Let’s start by setting the record straight on the differences between CBD oil and “pot”.

They will taste different because the way the materials are grown, cultivated and processed is very different. The only firmly common feature is that they are both by-products of some of the many plants in the “cannabis family”. 

Pure and filtered for quality

Unlike recreational drugs, CBD for health and wellbeing purposes is taken from a few specific types of cannabis plants; ones that don’t contain a chemical called THC in their structure. (THC is the part that has a psychoactive effect – making people feel “high”).

CBD is then further processed – including careful filtering – to make even more sure that it has no THC, but also to remove any other unwanted impurities.

With its strength, purity and medical-focus firmly established, only then does CBD go to be used in the products that we sell.

Manufactured for pleasant consumption

If these carefully regulated active ingredients did taste of anything, it is likely to be only the same as any other health and wellbeing product that comes from nature. Also, if you can detect an earthy or “nutty” taste, it’s not generally that strong.

However, CBD is often placed in a carrier oil. This is used as its a handy way of transporting the active ingredients to where they need to be.

If there is a taste to CBD oil, it could be from the type of carrier substance used in its manufacture – for example, coconut, olive or hemp oil.

Incidentally, hemp oil does sometimes give the tangy smell and taste of weed.

More CBD taste tips

If you do find that using CBD oil orally is a bit daunting, some regular users report that they add it to yoghurt, breakfast cereals or even ice cream!

A word of caution though. Buying from less scrupulous and carefully regulated sources could result in a product that has an unpleasant taste and smell. Not least as it may still contain impurities.