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What does full spectrum CBD mean?

You’ve likely heard of CBD. As an increasingly popular option of treatment for chronic pain, anxiety and various other health concerns, cannabidiol is now used widely. In comparison to classic ‘weed’, which contains high amounts of the psychoactive substance, THC, CBD has very few side effects, and research suggests it may have many benefits too.

For patients considering CBD for the first time, the different options available may be confusing. When it comes to the type of CBD used to alleviate symptoms and manage pain, there are two primary forms of the product on offer: CBD isolate, a purified and extracted form of CBD, and full spectrum CBD. What exactly is full spectrum CBD? Read on for more information about this specific form of CBD, and the reasons you might choose it over CBD isolate.

Full spectrum CBD is also known as ‘whole plant’ CBD. Instead of isolating the CBD chemical as a substance from the plant and purifying it to ensure no other chemicals remain, full spectrum CBD includes every other cannabinoid extracted from marijuana plants without eliminating them for a ‘pure’ finish. This means full spectrum CBD can also contain CBN, CBG, THCV as well as minimal amounts of THC.

While the use of THC in full spectrum CBD may suggest this treatment will have a psychoactive effect, the amount is generally far too low in concentration to achieve this kind of result. When it comes to the other forms of cannabinoid found within the cannabis plant, research is still ongoing. This means we aren’t fully aware of the benefits of every part of the marijuana plant.

While previous research has concluded that CBD isolate is a more effective version of CBD, a study in 2015 at the Lautenberg Center for General Tumor Immunology discovered full spectrum CBD offered higher levels of relief in mice. This research could suggest that comprehensive spectrum CBD treatments are more practical than the purer form of the chemical, CBD isolate.

However, this doesn’t mean that full spectrum CBD is suitable for all purposes. It appears that this form of CBD is stronger and more effective when used to treat severe conditions. In many cases, CBD isolate can provide all that a patient needs, without the possible legal or health implications that may result from the THC content in full spectrum CBD. For those trying CBD for the first time, choosing CBD isolate may be the better choice; but for those in need of more significant effect from their treatment, full spectrum CBD is the viable option too.