Why Is The CBD Industry Panicking?

If you’ve been following the journey of the UK cannabis industry through coronavirus, we have had some ups and downs. Searches and traffic are up for CBD digital businesses, and sales are up for many brands at this time when people are turning to ayurvedic healing and plant medicine to protect themselves from invisible global pandemics.

We have also seen some panic in the industry with regards to the 31 March 2021 Novel Foods deadline which is about to rock the CBD boat for any brands that have established themselves in the industry with a foothold built off the back of a low quality product. Their time is up by March 2021 unless the comply with the FSA and CTA guidelines. Following the CMC report from last year, we can understand which brands might be directly affected. However, any brands we have featured on CBDecoded have all been third party tested and certifications verified.

A silver lining for brands that are unsure of what they can do at this time and want to meet the Novel Foods deadline to ensure that they can continue business after March 2021 is The ACI. The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (The ACI) is committed to nurturing a safe, legal and well regulated CBD market in the UK.

They have already helped guide major global retailers to ensure that their procurement process is able to allow them to act as responsible gatekeepers to this industry. In doing so, they are helping the UK lead the world in an exciting new market whilst helping millions of consumers as they seek the therapeutic relief they gain from CBD.

Controversial media headlines aside, the UK CBD industry has a great path ahead as knowledge of plant medicine amplifies in the mainstream and people’s health is at the forefront of consciousness.